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Forest Nature Maple Syrup

Our PURE line of products contains only one ingredient: organic maple syrup from our maple syrup farm. 

Beurre d'érable / Tartinade à l'érable / Suisse

Produced on our farm in Quebec, our organic maple syrup is specially selected for Switzerland. This syrup develops the best possible aromas thanks to a slow cooking process. As for our other products of that line - a maple spread and maple sugar - they are processed by hand in our workshop in Switzerland.

From the forest to your table

Our maple syrup is imported directly from our farm in Quebec without any intermediaries. From production in Canada to processing and distribution in Switzerland, MAWOO maintains absolute control over its products. Authenticity and traceability guaranteed.


MAWOO is... A Sunday morning brunch with friends, a memorable family adventure, my dose of energy to start the day.

Eau d'érable arbre sirop d'érable

Why is it so good?

When the maple tree wakes up in spring, it produces sap rich in nutrients. Once collected, this sap is slowly cooked to develop its aromas and flavours. Maple syrup has a low glycaemic index, easy to digest natural carbohydrates, and is a source of manganese, riboflavin and copper.

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