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Nature's blessing


Good and healthy

Did you know that a 60 ml serving of maple syrup provides 72% of our daily nutritional needs in manganese, 27% in riboflavin, 17% in copper and 6% in calcium? Rich in nutrients, maple syrup is a concentrate of benefits. It contains 67 antioxidant compounds and a high content of trace elements, for a healthy heart and a stronger immune system.

If you like to push yourself, you know how important food is to your performance. Because it contains natural carbohydrates that are easily metabolised, maple syrup is an energising superfood, ideal for getting a boost of energy before and during your efforts, and then after physical exercise to rebuild your body's reserves.


MAWOO is... the richness of nature and its blessings, renewed energy, the power of a natural sugar made entirely from maple trees.


Our maple syrup changes in taste and colour as it is harvested. Slow cooking also contributes to the development of its flavours. Then we select the best ingredients that are perfect for the products we are about to prepare. This is what gives them their unique taste.

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