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Full of generosity, delicious, with natural, unprocessed and local ingredients wherever possible, MAWOO products reflect our values.


Born in the forest

MAWOO is first and foremost a desire to ensure that our maple syrup comes from our very own forest that we manage with respect for nature. To ensure that it remains sustainable, we manage it according to organic standards. We are also members of the forestry cooperative "Haut Plan Vert" and the Eastern Maple Syrup Club. 

In harmony with nature

We take respect for the environment to heart when packaging our products. Very often, these are offered in bulk in grocery shops throughout Switzerland.


MAWOO is... an invitation to respect nature, to rediscover taste, to slow down and to value quality.


Generous in taste, perfect for a balanced diet, our products guarantee simple and natural pleasure every day. There is something for everyone.

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