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MAWOO forêt nature sirop d'érable

MAWOO is the best of maple syrup - in healthy and delicious products made in Switzerland. Our maple syrup is certified organic and comes directly from our farm in Canada.


A healthy product, without preservatives, directly from our farm

Our PURE range includes products made exclusively from maple syrup: single origin maple syrup, maple spread and maple sugar.


Gourmet products for authentic pleasure

Our TASTY range brings together delicious products to be enjoyed for breakfast, as a dessert or as a snack: granola, puffed oats and caramelised peanuts.


A natural fuel for outdoor endurance sports enthusiasts

Our MOVE range is made up of 100% natural products that provide all the energy needed to go further.  Consume before, during and after an effort.

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100% eco-friendly

Nothing can replace the real thing. That's why our products are created with organic maple syrup from a natural Canadian forest, without additives or preservatives, and processed with ingredients sourced from Swiss agriculture whenever possible. 

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100% nutritious

Our maple syrup is a gift from nature. Born in the forest, it is nutrient-rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants. A healthy alternative to conventional sugar, to give you a boost at any time of the day.


100% delicious

Our maple syrup comes from a single source, our maple-tree forest in Quebec. It is specially selected for its unique and authentic flavours. When it arrives in Switzerland, it is combined with tasty local ingredients. The result? An unbeatable and delicious taste.

The power of nature

Seeing the landscape go by, experiencing the raw effort, feeling the solitude, breathing deeply. MAWOO is all the energy and inspiration of nature itself. Explore our MOVE range, eco-friendly products designed for daring athletes.


The balanced alternative

With its low glycaemic index, our maple syrup contains carbohydrates that are easily and quickly assimilated. Rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, it is also an excellent source of manganese and riboflavin.

Shared values

We believe in the taste of real products. A taste for what takes time to do. A taste for friendship and family. A taste for effort, for surpassing oneself. A taste for attention and care.

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