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Forest Nature Maple Syrup

Unleash the power of nature. Our Move range has been designed for athletes who want a natural, easily digestible energy source without compromising on taste.


MAWOO Maple Shot

The Move range is made up of 100% natural products that provide all the carbohydrates you need for your training .


Our maple energy shot is ideal for outdoor endurance sports such as road and mountain biking, trail running or cross country skiing. It gives you a boost of energy during exercise and helps restore your body's vital reserves.

My natural fuel

Why are our products great for athletes?

Because they contain only naturally occuring carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals and no ingredients you can't pronounce. As a source of energy, they provide simple carbohydrates that are easily converted into glucose. Easy to digest and rich in potassium, MAWOO is your delicious and natural fuel during exercising.

Your body is replenished.

Mawoo_Bike&Velo_2021_Nr_17 B&W SMALL_edited.jpg

You can also find MOVE products
in specialized stores throughout Switzerland.

TacTac Cycling

Gotthelfstrasse 31

3013 Bern


Zweiradgeber GmbH

Gutstrasse 12

8055 Zürich


Av. Marc-Dufour 57

1007 Lausanne

Rochat Cycles Sàrl

Rue des Fossés-Dessous 2

1170 Aubonne

PRO Cycles Associés Sàrl

ZI La Palaz C 7

1530 Payerne

Are you an outdoor enthusiast and would like to find our products in your favorite sports store? Then talk to them about us!

Are you a company specialized in endurance and/or outdoor sports and you would like to offer our products in your sports nutrition department?

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