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Jil is a young sport climber who is part of the youth national team. She touched her first holds at the age of 4 and hasn't stopped climbing since! She proudly represents Switzerland in international competitions and studies at the bilingual gymnasium in Biel.

She trains about 15 hours a week in the regional team Bern-Mittelland-Emmental and with the Swiss team. Her goal is to qualify for the Olympic Games in 2024 in Paris or 2028 in L.A. And yes, climbing is an Olympic sport since 2020! As climbing is one of the most natural movements of the human body, including it in the Olympics only makes sense!

With her Canadian mom, Jil has known about maple products since she was a little girl and has always had maple syrup in the fridge! 

What's your favourite MAWOO product?

I really like all the Mawoo products, but I especially love the maple butter and the granola. The granola gets me going during the day and the maple butter gives me a good boost of energy when I'm a little tired in the morning. 

What's your favourite memory form Quebec?

For me and my family, Quebec is our second home. My favourite memories are meals that end with my favorite desserts like maple syrup pie, "pouding chômeur" or "sisters' farts".

A few times, I even had the chance to have friends prepare maple taffy on snow; snow kept in the freezer precisely for the occasion!

What do you eat before a training?

I always eat a banana and maple caramelized peanuts!

And now that I have discovered the Pure Maple Shots, I love them because not only are they delicious but they give me the energy I need to climb higher and higher!

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